Choosing a Bonsai Tree

Dwarf Juniper "Karate Kid" Bonsai Tree

There are hundreds of species of bonsai tree, so how do you know which one to choose? We’ll tell you the most important things you should know when selecting your new bonsai plant. It’s not very complicated, there are basically two kinds of bonsai tree:

  • Tropical (also known as “indoor”)
  • Temperate (also known as “outdoor”)

Tropical bonsai trees can survive indoors, but they are actually better left outdoors unless temperatures drop to freezing.

Temperate bonsai trees are better at adapting to drastic temperature changes, and can be left outdoors year-round.

When the temperature drops, temperate bonsai trees will go into dormancy and will require less water and sunlight. It’s perfectly natural and they’ll be back to normal in the growing season.

Beginner bonsai trees are mostly temperate, such as the Dwarf Juniper Bonsai. When choosing a bonsai tree, you should browse them by picture and choose one that appeals to you aesthetically.

Once you find one that you like, you should read the description to find out if it’s tropical or temperate. Once you know which type it is, make the purchase and be sure to pick up some bonsai soil for the growing season.

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