Before You Buy Your Bonsai Tree

Flowering Pink Serissa

Growing them from seedlings can be a rewarding experience, but if you’re like most of us then you probably can’t find the time to commit to becoming an expert bonsai master.

No problem, there are bonsai trees that have already been grown and trained for several years to achieve that beautiful form.

You may think bonsai trees are pretty expensive, but in actuality you can get a modest, beginner’s bonsai tree for about $20.

There are hundreds of varieties however, and the prices can go up to several hundred dollars each. It all depends on what you’re looking to spend, and what you want in a bonsai tree.


Dwarf Juniper "Karate Kid" Bonsai Tree

Most people that are stuck indoors at the office all day would probably prefer a nice, small, easy-to-manage plant such as the Dwarf Juniper Bonsai. Others may have a desire for a more refined, and expertly designed bonsai to suit their aesthetic tastes. Personally I find myself in the minimalist category, but occasionally I enjoy something with a little flair like the Juniper “Karate Kid” Bonsai, too.

Browse through the styles of bonsai available online in the Bonsai Catalog and decide on one that suits your personal style the best. This is actually the most important part in selecting a bonsai. Choose a bonsai that brings you a good feeling, after all that’s what everyone is after, right?

When you’ve decided on a bonsai tree, you can order it directly online and have it shipped to you. We have it so easy these days!