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Shimpaku - $64.95

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This highly prized Shimpaku from Itoigawa grows tighter and fuller than all Shimpaku Junipers, it's also the most compact.

Ficus 'Too Little' - $49.95

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This new miniature form of the Ficus Benjamina has very small foliage and grows in a compact size. It's great for indoors in any lighting conditions.

Hawaiian Umbrella in Lava Rock - $39.95

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Hand selected Hawaiian lava rock accents this Hawaiian Umbrella or Schefflera Luseanne bonsai. These plants are very special, patented trees that remain smaller in size than regular varieties. Place this tree in a brightly lit window or counter-top. It's best to keep a humidity tray with some water underneath at all times, and fertilize monthly with a water-soluble fertilizer at half of the manufacturer's recommended strength. With good care your volcano bonsai will last for years to come.

Baby Jade - $49.95

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Also called the "Elephant Bush," this succulent bonsai comes from South Africa with leaves that are almost round and 1/3 the size of the common Jade. Water is stored in the flesh trunk, leaves, and branches of the plant. It's difficult to find the Baby Jade in its variegated form - this tree makes an excellent accompaniment to your home or office.

Willow Leaf Ficus - $49.95

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Otherwise known as the Mexicana Ficus. It's elongated, lightly colored leaves bear a strong resemblance to the weeping willow tree. This bonsai does well indoors in any lighting condition.

Large Baby Jade - $59.95

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A larger variation of the Baby Jade.

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Basic Bonsai Tree Care Tips

Temperatures above 50° F are suitable for most bonsai trees. If kept indoors, take extra care to be sure they get sufficient sunlight and are watered properly.

A few quick tips for taking care of your new bonsai tree:

  • Water it only when the soil is dry, if it’s still moist then it can be left alone
  • You can leave it indoors but don’t put it anywhere temperatures change rapidly.
  • Don’t leave the bonsai under air conditioner vents. It won’t be happy!
  • Position it where it will get direct sunlight
  • When you choose a spot for your bonsai tree don’t constantly move it (it stresses it out, really!)